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Part of Technology in OLYMPICS

Many of us know that Technology is eventually playing a vital role in human life. So, what is the role of Technology in Rio Olympics? You may think that technology being used in Olympics is related to Security Cameras, Olympic Apps or Teleconferencing. It’s beyond that. Let’s get in to the details.


What are IPTABLES ? IPtables is a basic firewall in linux. Original firewall running in Linux was ipchains. created IPTABLES to overcome the shortcomings of ipchains. It is faster and secure compared to ipchains. It is a default firewall package installed under RedHat and Fedora Linux. Why IPTABLES :

Uses of Problem Steps Recorder-Windows

Uses and Usage of Problem Steps Recorder Facing difficulty to explain a problem in your windows system to others ?? This article helps you to present the problems you are facing, clearly. During problem explanation or when seeking clarification regarding some settings you are not sure about, some miscommunication may happen and the respective solution

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts and Run Commands- Windows

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts that are useful in daily life Usage of mouse even for basic interface options while doing some work in the system will be irritating and annoying. It disrupts the work that is being done and results in slow pace of the work. Some basic keyboard shortcuts help to do work more faster