Zuta Pocket Printer – Mini Robotic Printer for smart phones

Zuta Pocket Printer – Mini Robotic Printer for smart phones

ZUta pocket printer : ZUtA Labs invented a revolutionary robotic printer. A small printer that runs on papers to print. There is no need of paper feeding through the separate device unlike normal printers. It’s very small in size, which can be accommodated in our pocket. It will print on all sizes of paper.

It allows you to print from any wireless communication device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. Zuta printer actually a print head that we normally find in desktop printers. Zuta printer has self-mobility feature, which makes to get rid of other components.

Features of Zuta pocket Printer:

1. It’s a compact device of height 7.5cm, diameter 10.2cm and total weight of 350gm.
2. It has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with on/off switch. It will server for an hour with full recharge. Battery can be fully rechargeable in 3hours with micro USB cable.
3. It can connects to our smartphone, pc or tablet automatically. It is compatible with android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Windows.
4. We can activate the printer by sliding the hatch at the bottom of it, to reveal inkjet.
5. Inkjet lasts for over 1000 pages.
6. Omni-wheel system allows to move and prints in any direction accurately.
7. It comes in 2 colors and is made up of polycarbonate. That are Mars Black and Titanium White
zuta pocket printer 1

Have a look at how it works

Bottom line:

The 199$ ZUtA pocket printer offers great advantage to the people, who constantly move on and prefer hard copies. It can reportedly print 1.2 pages per minute.


It won the “prestigious Best of Innovation at CES 2015”.

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