How to Access Blocked Websites : 13 easy ways to access Restricted Websites

Blocked Websites
It’s very quiet common to block some websites in schools, colleges and workplaces. Sometimes your ISP may block a few websites due to restrictions imposed by your country. There are many methods to access blocked websites. Here are the well workaround and simple methods to access blocked websites.

1.Type cast the URL

It’s an easy method. Use https instead of http in your URL. Https is a secure connection in which information is encrypted. This works for all the domains, which are not verified with SSL installation.

Type instead of or

2. Use IP instead of URL

Network administrators generally uses URLs to block the websites. We can bypass them by using IP instead of URLs.
To get the IP of an address of a website, ping in command prompt (Windows). Browse using that IP.
If you are a Linux user, then use your terminal to find the IP address. You can find your IP by googling whatsmyip.

3. Changing DNS servers

blocked websites DNS

DNS servers are like look-up tables for matching domain name with corresponding IP address. DNS servers contain information regarding all websites around the world. Countries uses these servers to block websites. Sometimes MNCs follow the same to block some domains. To bypass this, you just have to use Google DNS or open DNS server.

To use Google DNS server:
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
To use Open DNS server:
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

4. Using Proxy Websites or Additional Proxy layer

Proxy websites provide a short cut way to your destined website. There are many proxy websites that will take you to the blocked website. The Proxy websites act as mediator. Here are the few proxy websites broadly used by netizens. Some of these websites provides a proxy IP with a port. Use this IP: PORT combination to access blocked websites.

check how to record steps or problems in windows

5. Using Short URL services

Short URLs are short forms of your URL. Administrators block websites using URLs. We can bypass them by converting long URL into short URL. Google to find short URL of any website. Here are the Short URL services

6. Using Google Cached Version

Google maintains cache of any website. In fact every website has a cached version and these are stored, maintained by search engines like Google, Yahoo. When we search for any website, search engine shows us cached version. We can use these cached version to get into the blocked website. We can get access to this website irrespective of its live or not.

7.Using Google Translate / Bing Translate

Before entering the URL of the website, select website page language as any other language other than English. The Blocked website will be visible in English. Then translate the content of the blocked website using Google translate or Bing translate. Many other platforms like AltaVista, Babelfish allow you to translate a website from one language to other language.

8.Using VPN

VPN is acronym for Virtual Private Network. VPN allows you to access your personal/home network from offices, schools or colleges. There are Paid VPN services also. We may need to install a software to access Paid/Free VPN or sometimes they are web based. We can also download and install apps.
VPN acts as a tunnel to access blocked websites. VPN services are provided by many websites. It’s hard to find the IP address. VPN converts the data into garbage value, to make the things undetectable. Google for the VPN services and enjoy. Here are a few VPN services…
1. Tunnel Bear VPN
2. Hotspot Shield VPN
3. Pro X

9.Using Internet archive – Wayback Machine

Wayback machine is a very little people known way to access blocked websites. It’s an internet service that keeps a copy of almost all websites. It will the latest copy, which looks almost similar. This trick is generally used by bloggers to get the back up of theirs website data, when they lost backup of their site.

Check the details of CuBox a mini computer that runs both android and linux

10.Using RSS feed

We can use the RSS reader to view the blocked website, provided website has RSS feed. Though your blocked website doesn’t have RSS, we can create RSS feed using a service similar to Page2RSS. If you want to use your blocked website in your office, create RSS feed for your website in your home network. Just type URL in page2RSS, to create feed, and load it to the RSS reader. We may subscribe for the RSS feed and send the content to mail also.

11.Using HotSpot Shield Software to change IP

This method works well if your country blocked a website which you want to view. Countries like North Korea, Pakistan, and UAE blocked many websites. We can’t access blocked websites using IP address in that region. HotSpot Sheild is a software package that allows us to change our present IP to IP address of other countries. These packages are available as free and some need to be paid. Paid version are fast and ad free.

12.Using Email to view Web Pages

There are some web services which send the websites to your Email. One of such service is We just have to mail them( with subject as URL. We may request them for our blocked website.

13.Using browser extensions or Tor Browser

Browsers like Hola, Proxmate provide extensions to access the blocked website. Visit their official pages and get the browser extension. This trick works well for dynamic websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Youtube.
Tor browser can be used to access blocked websites. Download Tor from This is like torrentz.

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