Android 7.0 Nougat – New and Useful Features


Nougat the Android’s new OS came with many new interesting features.No doubt, Android made smart phone usage more easy. Android generally names it OS’s after food items. This time it gave the sweet name to its new OS Nougat. Let’s get taste it.

New Emojis in Nougat :

Many use emojis in Messenger, Whatsapp and other social media posts to share their emotions and feelings. Nougat has got 72 more new emojis. So the count of emojis ha s now crossed 1500.

Mini Notification Bar :

To switch on bluetooth, Wi-Fi or flash light you should go to notification tab everytime. And this notification tab usually shows many options other than required. This new OS has got a Mini Notification Bar which shows all important options in a single row.

Reply from Notification :

You are typing a message in your phone and you get a whatsapp message from your friend. This OS provides facility to reply from the notification itself without minimizing the messaging app and without moving to the whatsapp like in previous OS. You can do so with all social messaging apps.

Battery Saver :

Battery Backup will always be minimum in smartphones as it contain many options and runs many apps. Nougat reduces battery usage.

Two Screen Facility :

For Example, you are watching some video in Youtube and at the same time you get a new mail. Now, this OS provides the option to view both at the same time as screen divides in to two parts to give space to both the processes.

Inbuilt Game :

There will always be an inbuilt game in Android OS’s phones. Tap three times on Android Version of settings option, a game opens. Now, in this OS Cat Collection is the game.

Virtual Reality :

Day Dream feature is present in this OS. With this new feature Android gets VR Play Store, Google Street View, Photos etc.,

Phone List :

These Phones : Nexus 6, Nexus 5 X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C, 4G Mobile (Android One) will get this new OS update.

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