Facebook Messenger and it’s Magical Features

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, most of the netizens use this app for chatting, sending photos, videos and documents.One can also send Gif’s and emojis according to mood. Messenger provides many more services other than these. It is a small game world at times. Cloud Services can be paired to the messenger. Messenger can be used even without a facebook account. Having messenger is much fun with many uses. Have a look in to this article for more functionalities of messenger.

Messenger as Small Game World :

Messenger Games

As said earlier, small games can be played in messenger.So, how to play games in Messenger?? The game starts with sending an football emoji to your friend. Football will bounce if you click on the ball. So, the time session which the ball is in air will be your score. You can challenge your friend with the score you make. You can paly basketball too in the same manner.

Attach files in Messenger

Search for your profile in messenger search. A chat window of your account will appear and you can message your files or photos in the same way you send it to your

The Three Dot Story :

Clicking the three dots above send button gives you a list of 3rd party apps. You can install them and use in chatting to make chat more fun and effective. Apps such as Stickered, Strobe, Shout, Sound Clip will give much chat fun.

Use Facebook Messenger without Facebook Account :

Messenger can be created with just a mobile number. Click “Not On Facebook” option in messenger login page to open an account with mobile number.

Scan to add Friends :

Scan Code

Use scan code option to make new friends. Go to your app profile and click on your special code profile image. It will show scan code and my code options. Scan your group members’ code and they will be added to your chat list.

Switch Accounts

Switch Account

Switch Account option allows you to use two accounts at a time without the necessity to logout and login each time.

View your Phone Messages in Messenger:


It will be great and comfortable to view your phone messages in Messenger.You can view your phone messages even while chatting in Messenger. Open your profile and go to SMS option. Enable default sms app and once done you can view all your phone messages there.

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