Google Allo: All you need to know

Google Allo

Google Allo is a smart messaging app like WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger. Google launched Allo for Android and iOS. But what makes this different from other messaging apps is, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) centeredness, makes it think and act smart. It gives you a virtual companion.

Why to use Google Allo ?

What can you do? If you ask this question it gives number options like setup alarm, videos, interesting facts, book a movie, poem and more. It’ll show a funny video if you say “I am bored”.
Google Assistant in Allo provide latest news, traffic details, weather report, upcoming train or flight status.

How Allo Works:

Allo powered by machine learning. It uses neural networks and google search to make user life simple. Allos responses are personalized since it learns from the conversation history for suggestions.

To dig into the detail of algorithm please find the below link.

How to install

We can find and download Google Allo on Google Play store. Here is the link to download.
We have to provide mobile number while installing and wait for hardly a minute. That’s it. As simple as that. Our app is ready to use.

Allo doesn’t have web version i.e. you can’t install this smart app in your PC. It’s meant for phones only.

Smart messaging app can’t be used as a default SMS app like iMessage.

Special Features introduced in Allo:
Smart reply, sharing photos, stickers and emojis.
Incognito mode:
Easy for user to respond quickly.Act as personal assistant.

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