Pokemon Go-A game of Virtual Reality

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, for the last one and half months the name of this game is making people, especially gamers all around the world go crazy. Why so much gaga around this game? How is it different from other games? What is this game all about? How to play this game? Are there any cheats to play this game? This article gives the answers for all these questions. Let’s go in to the details.

How Pokemon Go differ from other games ?

In most of all the games the player remains stationary and plays from a single place. But to play Pokemon Go, the player should roam around his surroundings.This is where it differs from the other games.

Pokemon Map

It is a free to play, location based augmented reality (a type of virtual reality) game. Its GPS capability allows the players to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures called Pokemons.

Game Play

Poke Ball

Install the game app on your smart device and select an avatar with the color and dress of your wish. Interface shows you the map of your surroundings and provides you some game tools like pokeballs. All you have to do is to catch the virtual Pokemons shown in your smart device by moving to that particular place in reality. Pokeballs are used to catch the Pokemons which is a bit tricky as the Pokemons will be moving here and there. A successful Pokemon catch will depend on factors like Combat Power level, type of pokeball used and throwing technique. Some wild pokemons will even run away before you catch them. After you collect some pokemons, you can join a team and play the game along with your friends.

Pokemon Evolutions

If you collect the same pokemon numerous times, that pokemon can be evoluted to any other pokemon you need.

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus

It is a low energy wearable bluetooth device through which you can perform certain actions like catching a Pokemon without looking at your smart device. The device vibrates whenever there is a Pokemon near by you. You can use the button on the bluetooth device to catch the Pokemon without using the smart device. This technology will come in to the market in September 2016.

Pokemon Go Cheats

There are third party apps and maps which on installation act as a joystick which lets the player to be in one place and allow to collect Pokemons all over the world. But these apps won’t work all the time. After a certain period of time with the usage of these apps the game app stops working. And then you need to uninstall the joysticks and reinstall the game app to function normally.

For more details, visit Pokemongo Official Page

Download the Pokemon Go app here for android.

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