Prisma App/Apk Download – Android & iPhone/iPad

Prisma App

Prisma App/Apk Download – Android & iPhone/iPad:

Prisma App is not just another photo filter. It’s origin is from Russia. Prisma developers has announced that there are now more than 1 million daily Prisma users. It has become number one app in 40+ countries within five weeks of its launch. Alexey Moiseenkov, developer of Prisma, said that there are many other cool features to add.

Prisma eventually transforms your photo into piece of art by famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. It works with the unique combination of neural networks and Artificial intelligence. It turns your memorable moments into timeless art pieces.

Prisma app becomes a trend overnight. It is the fifth most popular app in iTunes. First it was released only for iOS. Later they released beta version for android on 19th July. Now Prisma V 1.0 was officially released.

How Prisma Works:

Prisma uses a combination of convolutional neural networks and Artificial Intelligence. It was created in Prisma Labs, Moscow.

1. The co-founder and CEO of Prisma, Moiseenkov says that team is using neural network/ deep learning algorithms to process the photos.

2. Prisma implements the processing of images by using cloud services instead processing them on user phone.

3. It applies the style of an art work on the photo uploaded by user, and uses some tricks to speed up the process.


Prisma Apk for Android:

Prisma has finally come out on Google Play. Grab Picasso from below link. It requires android version of 4.0.3 or higher.

Prisma for Android

Prisma Apk for iOS:

V 2.0.1 is required for iOS to install Prisma Apk.

Prisma for IOS

Prisma features for Android:

1. Prisma is not just over layering like an Instagram filter, it is redrawing it in the specified style.

2. Transform the picture into art work (master pieces).

3. It uses neural networks and Artificial Intelligence.

4. Quick image processing unlike other products.

5. Innumerous styles.

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