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Many of us know that Technology is eventually playing a vital role in human life. So, what is the role of Technology in Rio Olympics? You may think that technology being used in Olympics is related to Security Cameras, Olympic Apps or Teleconferencing. It’s beyond that. Let’s get in to the details.

Rio Olympics got kick-started yesterday. Olympics is a great stage for many game categories. It is a very prestigious event conducted where players from different countries will participate in it. Referee mistakes or some other kind of mistakes will certainly lead to troubles. This is where Technology comes in to picture exactly.

Technologies that is being used in different game categories :

Running :


Sensor patches will be attached to the body of the players to know how body is responding.The sensors will test the sweat and send the details to the respective systems configured.Special Electronic Pills will be given to the players to know the changes that happen in the body. Pressure Plates with Sensors are used to determine the status whether the player started running before the start signal or not.

Boxing :


Electronic Chips are set in boxing gloves to get the punches made in a period of time.Specially Designed dresses with Sensors will send health details to the systems configured which helps to maintain good health and diet restriction.



Sunglasses that are used while cycling provides Speed, Distance and Heart Beat Rate with the help of special sensors. The sunglasses will also have Earphone Facility from which the player can get all the above details and can act accordingly.



Sensors from the target board will be connected to Computer Systems. Score will be displayed as soon as the arrow hits the target there by reducing False scores and results. There is no need of referee here.



Laser Technologies are used to get the exact result. Radio Frequency Identification Tags are set to the guns. These tags will identify the speed and direction of the bullet like where and how the bullet has hit the target.



To reduce the confusions in scoring , Sensors will be set to the dresses and helmets of the players .They identify the punches and strokes given by the opposite player and send them to the system.

Volley Ball


In Volley Ball the mistakes usually occurs during close line calls. And now to reduce these mistakes Video Replays are set. If players are in doubt, they can ask for Video Replays.

Weight Lifting


To show weight lifter as close as possible Dolly Cameras are being used. These cameras capture every single movement of the weight lifter and offer certainty to the referee and enjoyment to the audience.


Swimming technology

Special Screens set under the water gives the number of rounds the swimmer has swam. GPS attached to the swimmer gives the speed.Tail Light Solution technology, where LED lights are set on the shoulders, feet and hip provides the exact stunts performed by the swimmer. Anti Microbial Swim Suits specially designed for Olympics By America helps in reducing the affect of bacteria present in water.


Rowing technology

GPS gives the speed and direction of the boat.


Hexoskin Smart Shirt monitors Heart beat rate and Health Condition.



For the total 17 days of Olympics, nearly 4500 hours video will be telecasted in HD, 8K, 4K resolutions. Starting and Ending Ceremonies can be viewed through Virtual Reality. Samsung gear VR Headsets can be used for Virtual reality. All the video coverage , News regarding Olympics are Cloud stored. This is maintained by New technology Operation Center from Spain.



For Olympics village Security, Simeras are set on hot air balloons. One Simera consists of 12 to 13 wide angle cameras. Brief Cam monitors every person’s movement. Nearly 500 internet technicians are working from 180 different places to setup the technical platform for Olympics. Most of them are working to protect the official website from Cyber Attacks.

Apps To View Olympic Details:


Rio 2016 provides Olympic events, Photos and Videos in 7 international Languages

Official App provides players details country wise, latest news and Olympic Museum Details.

NBC Olympics provides HD Videos, Photos, Olympics Schedule and News.

Obviously, Olympics is fabulous and spectacular event and with these technologies included, it increase its consistency and grandness a level again.

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