True Key Review – Intel Password manager

True Key

True Key is Intel’s answer for hassle of passwords. It is a password manager by Intel. It manages passwords automatically. It’s all works on your unique features such as face and finger prints and your trusted devices. It’ll remember your passwords and fills the same as you surf. We don’t need to remember passwords and no need to type them as well.

What is True Key?

It is password management app that works on all platforms. It’ll remember your passwords when you logged in first time, and fills them automatically when you come back. It’ll generate secure passwords, remembers and fills them. It allows you to use different passwords for different logins instead of using the same password for all.

Are passwords encrypted in this app?

It uses one of the best grades of encryption, AES-256. It stores data locally on our device and on True Key servers as well, so that we can use them at any time.

Advantages / Pros:

Multi factor authentication options
Multi-platform sync
Facial and finger print recognition
Possibility to reset the master password

How to install True Key:

Download True key app in the below link
Double click on .exe file and accept terms & conditions


Download TrueKey apk here


Download TrueKey for iOS here

How to uninstall True Key:


Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall Intel Security True Key

True Key 2

Browsers Supported:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mac OS and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 as well, support True Key. It works on Android as well as iOS.


Users can store up to 15 login passwords without any cost.
For premium we have to pay $19.99 per year. We can store unlimited passwords
Refer this link for True Key: Account Management

Bottom Line:

True Key is easy, safe and secure.
It would sync all passwords, had you install True Key on your smart phone or PC.

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