Online Sites To Check Reputation Of URLs/IPs

Online Sites To Check Reputation Of URLs/IPs

Analysts often look for reputation of an IP or URL to categorize and act upon them when they are part of a suspicious communication. The below online sites will give reputation of URLs and IPs, provide their historical information and some of these sites will assess URLs in real time to identify threats.

List Of Sites To Check URL Reputation

  • AbuseIPDB – Provides reputation of IP addresses and host names with historical information.
  • Virus Total – Checks the provided URL against multiple blacklist databases.
  • URL Void – Provides the reputation of URL given, by looking up several blacklist services
  • IP Void – Provides the reputation of IP given, by looking up several blacklist services
  • Zscaler – Zulu URL Risk Analyzer – Zulu is a dynamic risk scoring engine for web based content.
  • Threat Miner – Provides threat intelligence data for the URL or IP provided.
  • URL Scan – Browses the URL in real time and provides the background web requests it make.
  • Sucuri SiteCheck – Scans the URL and gives the reputation of it upon checking multiple blacklists.
  • IBM X-Force Exchange – Provides IP and URL reputation along with their historical data.
  • MX Toolbox – Checks several blacklist services and provides IP or URL information.
  • Hybrid-Analysis – Provides real time URL threat score.
  • zveloLIVE – Provides categorization results for given URL.
  • Symantec Sitereview – Provides historical categorization of the URL.
  • Unmask Parasites – Checks URL Webpage and categorizes it in real time.
  • Talos Intelligence – Provides reputation details and blacklist details of IP/Domain.
  • TrendMicro Site Safety Center – Provides how safe the URL is and categorizes it.
  • Scam Adviser – Provides Risk Score of the URL.
  • Quttera – Scans the URL in real time and gives results.
  • Pulsedive – Gives data fetched from multiple IOCs and also provides option for enrichment.
  • Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering – Checks blacklists for the URL.

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