Whatsapp Status Update | Everything you need to Know

Whatsapp Status Update

Whatsapp, the world’s biggest instant messaging platform announced a new update by name Whatsapp Status. Gone are days when you used to put a single text line as status in whatsapp. Now you can upload videos, gif’s, photos for your contacts to see. Let’s dig more in to this updated feature of Whatsapp.

What is Whatsapp Status ?

Whatsapp’s new Status update is totally inspired from snapchat stories, that came up with the idea of renewing statuses for every 24 hours back in 2011. Let’s see how this new update works. The Whatsapp interface is little bit changed now with four columns. A Camera icon on the strict left followed by Chats, then the new update Status and Calls option to the right.

Working of Whatsapp Status :

Now in the Status section you can view the status updates put by your contacts. When a contact puts up more than an update per day, all those will appear consecutively under the same contact. A single white loading bar on the top indicates one status.If the bar is split, the number of splits indicates the number of statuses the contact has put. Tap the screen or swipe to any direction to change between statuses. There will be a Mute option on the top that prevents to show any further status updates in your status feed, from that particular contact. Also there is a Reply option below the status to increase interactivity among users. You can directly message the person who puts up the status with this Reply option.

How to put up a status??

The Camera icon on the left allows you to capture images, make videos or upload from your library. You can also use My Status option under Status section to set up your status. One can edit the image before publishing it. You can crop it, write a caption, add emojis and text to it. The status you put up will be live only for 24 hours and after that it will be removed. You have to post regular updates daily to be in people’s eyes.

Privacy Settings :

Status Privacy option in settings panel allows you to set a list of contacts who will be able to see your status updates. You can update status from the settings panel too. To delete a status, click on the status update you want to delete and tap the trash icon. This window will also show you who all viewed your status.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons depends on the people’s perspective. If you are person who likes to share more photos and updates, it will be a better platform for your online visibility. If you are a person who don’t like too many feeds disturbing you – like any other social platform – you may not like it.

Bottom Line:

Whatsapp with a strong user base and with such a feature same as snapchat, it could be a threat for the growth of snapchat. Also there are reports that whatsapp may bring its single line status option back upon its users request.

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