World’s Lightest Satellite by a Teen from India

lightest satellite

Ever thought of seeing a satellite that fits in a cube. This 18 year old guy from Tamilnadu made it possible. Rifath Sharook, an Indian teenager has built the world’s lightest satellite.This invention is named as KalamSat after “Missile Man” of India and Indian former president Abdul Kalam.

KalamSat Features and Functionalities

This device of him is selected as the winner in a youth design competition “Cubes in Space” organized by NASA and I Doodle Learning. They are launching this at NASA Facility in the US in June.

The weight of this device is 64 grams and is fit in a 4 centimeters cube.

lightest satellite 1

“The main purpose of this device is to demonstrate the performance of a 3D printed Carbon Fibre” he says. This invention of him will go on a four hour mission post launch by a sub orbital flight. During this time the satellite will operate for 12 minutes in a micro gravity environment.

A new kind of on-board computer and eight indigenous built in sensors are present in it. These are useful to measure acceleration, rotation and magnetosphere of the Earth.

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