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Facebook is growing larger and larger day by day with many users joining and using it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that FB is an another country now with billions of users in it. FB became an unavoidable and extremely important part of life where photos, videos, news, gossips, success, thoughts and many more can be posted and shared. And Facebook never fails in attracting users with its new feature updates and options.Let’s see the interesting new features in FB.

Facebook Profile Video

One can keep a short length video ( a 6 sec video) in place of profile picture on your timeline. Tap on profile picture and select Take a profile video option. It provides feasibility to take a video at that moment or you can upload already created video from your files.

Say Thanks

Type saythanks in your FB search box or directly go to facebook.com/saythanks page and select the profile name (of a person) you want to say thanks. A video of length 1 minute will be made and shown. Also it provides the options to edit the video and style of the video so that you can change the video according to your taste.


You can prioritize the posts of your wishlist to appear on the top of the news feed. All you have to do is to go to News Feed Preferences and go to the option Prioritize who to see first. There you can select the people profiles, whose posts you need to see on top of your news feed.

HD photos and Videos

No matter how good the quality of the photograph is, its quality will fade when you upload it to the FB. Addressing this problem Facebook has provided the options to upload HD photos and HD videos. For this you need to go to App Settings and enable HD option there. This service is already present in desktop version.

Posts in colors

You can keep background color for your posts with this option. While writing your post, it shows some colors at the bottom of the post window to select. Select a color from there and it will be applied as a background color for the post you are writing.

System Emojis

While using FB in computer its difficult to answer with emojis. We are able to use only 5 to 6 reactions provided. But typing a pattern from keyboard will give emojis. For Example typing ‘(y)’ will give fb like symbol. The pattern details are available in in this link. Copy and paste the pattern in FB post window to get the emoticon.

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