Google Interview Questions for some profiles


Google, a name which requires no introduction is one of the world’s best company to work in. Obviously Google made life so easy. It’s a dream come true for many to work for Google. Google hires the talented for many profiles and roles. Let us look at some of the interview questions asked by google while hiring for different profiles.

Google Interview Questions

Profile: Software Engineer
Question: Implement Binary Tree and explain it?

Profile: Associate Software Engineer
Question: What is the marginal cost of Gigabyte in Gmail?

Profile: Software Engineer
Question: Design an effective cost model to buy RAM and Disk Space for Google Servers Comparatively?

Profile: Software Engineer
Question: Write an iterator on multiple collections?

Profile: Software Engineer
Question: How will you reduce the speed of a bad URL with the delay unknown to the user?

Profile: Senior Software Engineer
Question: Develop a solution for Convex Hull and explain it ?

Profile: Senior Software Engineer
Question: How many golf balls can be put in a school bus ?

Profile: Engineer
Question: You know the land prices of Bay Area. Which one will you select, mean or median of price? Why?

Profile: Product Manager
Question: What is the process that happens in between you enter the url of a page and display of that page?

Profile: Adsense Account Manager
Question:What is Google’s next billion dollar Idea?

Question: How do you implement MS Paint clone? What are the tools required and which type of user interface elements are needed?

Profile: Patent Docketing Specialist
Question: You have 7 balls with you. The weight of one ball is greater than remaining 6. You have a balance too. How can you find that one ball of greater weight by using the balance only twice?

Profile: Rich Media Campaign Manager
Question: Can you tell how many are using the cellphone at this second of time?

Profile: Mobile Product Manager
Question: Do you know what is peak oil? Assume you are the product manager of peak oil. What will you do?

Google Interview Questions

Profile: Software Engineer
Question: Design an algorithm to prepare a universal catalogue for all books?

Profile: Adwords Representative
Question: How many buses are there in Hyderabad?

Profile: Senior Software Engineer
Question: Write the probability formula to know the change in number of bits when 1 is added to 32 bit binary number?

Profile: Industry Leader
Question: How do you think the media houses are earning money?

So, these are some of the questions which you may have to face during interview.
Source for these questions is GlassDoor

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