Google Search Tricks – Get results easier

Google Search Tricks – Get results easier

The first thing that comes in to mind when you hear about an unknown term or person or something else is Google. Google is the best search engine used by millions for day to day activities and we can’t imagine internet world without it. A search term results thousands of related pages, mostly unnecessary ones. Some google search tricks leads you near to your desired results. Let’s see some of them.

Google Search Tricks :

Find nutrition data and compare nutritional value of two different foods. Use the search term Food1 Name vs Food2 Name

Example : cheeseburger vs chicken burger

Nutrition Data

You can get a clock timer or countdown clock and stopwatch with this search term. It is set timer to “TIME”

Example : set timer to 10 minutes

clock timer

Use the search term sunrise in “city name”or sunset in “city name” to get sunrise and sunset times of a city.

Example : sunrise in london


This search term will eat all your results. It’s funny but true. Find out yourself with the term zerg rush

Example : zerg rush

Zerg Rush

Find weather of a city with “city name” forecast

Example : US forecast


Feeling difficult to calculate tip ?? No need of percentile mathematics now. Search for tip calculator and an easy and versatile tip calculator results in.

Example : tip calculator

Tip Calculator

Get the details of flight scheduled arrivals, departures and other details of a flight with flight number airline name

Example : flight 111 us airways

flight scheduler

Type do a barrel roll in the search box and see the magic that happens.

Example : do a barrel roll

Use askew term to tilt your search page a little.

Example : askew


Are you a TV show watcher ? Facing problem with show timings ?? Bother not. Use the term “show name” episodes. It will give your show timings.

Example : Ben 10 episodes

show timings

Find the release date of movies, books with “movie or book name” release date.

Example : harry potter and the cursed child release date

release dates

This term helps you find the movies in theatres now in your area. The term is movies from “area name”

Example : movies from Texas,US


Some more tricks

Use this term Name1 or Name2 to get the details of both, relationship between them when you are in confusion

Example : jennifer aniston or lawrence

either this or that

To search using synonyms use ~ symbol. The search results all possibilities of the term you entered.

Example : best ~movies

Synonym Search

You don’t remember a particular article from a particular website. This search term helps you find the article. It is website address keyword or phrase

Example : cubox

website search

Use asterisk (*) to search a term when you remeber only part of the term and it results all combinations with that part .

Example : Rajini *


Searching for a phrase where you don’t remember all the words in that phrase ?? Use AROUND to search.

Example : I wandered AROUND(4) cloud

phrase search

Some more search terms and tricks are there that are helpful. Find them in another post.

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