Uses of Problem Steps Recorder-Windows

Uses of Problem Steps Recorder-Windows

Uses and Usage of Problem Steps Recorder

Facing difficulty to explain a problem in your windows system to others ?? This article helps you to present the problems you are facing, clearly. During problem explanation or when seeking clarification regarding some settings you are not sure about, some miscommunication may happen and the respective solution from others will land you in another problem. So what is the best solution for this ?

Steps Recorder comes in handy here. Many windows users do not know that there is an inbuilt app called Steps Recorder in windows. The functionality of this steps recorder is : It records every step you do and outputs a file that contains the screenshots of the steps you have done. Now your problem is ready visually and you can share it to others for help.

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How to start Steps Recorder ?

Usage of Problem Steps Recorder

    • Open Run Dialog Box and type psr.
    • Steps recorder window will open

Main Screen

    • Press Start Record to start your recording. Recording starts after you click on start record button


    • If you want to pause the recording, you can do it so by pressing Pause Record button. You can resume the record again.

Recording Paused

    • If everything you want to record is completed press Stop Record and now it shows all the steps that are recorded.

Total Record

  • Save it and share the file to others for solution


No Matter how much time you record the steps using PSR, only the last 25 screenshots are captured by default. If you want to change the number of screenshots to be captured, you can do so in settings as shown below. The maximum number you can capture is 100.

Problem Steps Recorder

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